About Us

About Us

We believe in people’s creativity and we also have passion in technology. To enable blending those two spirits, we do our best to have a cozy and pleasant working environment.

We also care about our staffs. Understand that traffic in metro cities are so bad nowadays, we adopt the flexi hours and also remote working concept, to get better productivity and to have better quality output.

The objective is have better result in less time. We live not only to work like a robot, but we must always spare time for our family, friends and society.  Balance Life!

Better life, balanced life, better productivity!

It’s The Best Place to Work in

Our business comes with many awesome facility and it suits to anyone. You will love it!


Experience matters! We have people with decades of experience in each respective fields.


Every business must be done in professional way.


Always updated with fresh ideas. This is one of the reasons, we put much effort to have a Balance Life concept. Great ideas comes from fresh minds.